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Head Lice Removal 

Lice removal is typically done in one of three ways: Store-bought lice treatment shampoos, manual combing, or shaving off the hair.  Store bought treatments have a growing reputation for not being effective because many believe the bugs are developing a resistance to the pesticides.  It is not uncommon for families to use store bought treatments for weeks before finally killing all the infestation (especially large families and those with lots of long hair).  Manual combing is the most effective method for lice removal.  Manual combing is brushing out lice and eggs with a nit comb.  If done properly, this method is the safest and most efficient.  However, using a nit comb does take practice and hours of commitment. Manually combing out hundreds of lice eggs can be extremely time consuming for a beginner.  If you would prefer to have a professional come over and take care of the problem for you, Nit Control lice removal technicians are available by appointment. 

Common Head Lice Removal Questions:

What are head lice?
Head lice (pediculosis) are parasitic insects that live on humans.  They drink blood from humans and lay eggs in the hair.  

How do I know if I have head lice?
If you find lice eggs or a louse in your hair you "have lice".

Are head lice dangerous?
Head lice are not known to carry any disease but can be the cause of secondary infection from of scratching.  Aside from causing discomfort, head lice are not dangerous. 

Is head lice removal safe? 
Non-toxic manual removal is the safest way to remove lice. Some pediculicides (lice treatments) can cause serious side effects.  Caution should be used when using any toxic chemical.  Nit Control implores a non-toxic manual removal using essential oil based removal creams.  

How long does it typically take your technician to treat someone?
The length of treatment depends on three factors: the degree of infestation, hair length, and hair thickness.  
Someone with short hair and a mild infestation can take as little as 20 minutes and someone with extremely long hair and a severe infestation could take 2+ hours.  The follow-up treatment usually takes about half the time of the first appointment. 

Does your treatment always work?
Yes.  The treatment has been proven effective by successfully removing lice from 1000+ California residents to date.  Treatment does require participation on the clients part.  Home and surroundings need to be cleaned properly, friends and social groups needs to be informed and checked, and a follow-up lice treatment is necessary 3-6 days after the first treatment  Service is also backed by a 2 week guarantee.  

Head Lice removal involves removing adult lice, nymphs, and nits.  The louse appears different in size and appearance during each stage of it's lifecycle. It is important to eliminate lice eggs and adult lice.  A louse is brown wingless insect that is about the size of a sesame seed.  A nymph is a premature louse and less than 7 days old.  Nymphs are smaller and can be difficult to see with the naked eye.  A nit is a lice egg and looks like a very small bulb attached to the hair.  

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