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Head lice products coming soon

Nit Control will soon offer a line of non-toxic head lice prevention products.  Products will include a lice prevention shampoo, condition, and 2-1 shampoo and conditioner.  We will also offer daily leave in repel lice spray for your hair.  Stop head lice before it starts with essential lice deterring oils.  Our head lice prevention products use a special blend of 5 oils each playing a part in removal and prevention.  Send your kids to school everyday knowing they are as protected as they can be against head lice.  

Nit Control will only sell you useful products.  We know that there is no need for things like lice hand soap or laundry additive so we don't sell it to you.  Head lice prevention can be achieved with natural ingredients such as tea tree and neem oil and without the use of toxic pesticides.  Take a clean green approach to head lice. 

Check back with us occasionally, we should have our product line available to you in no time.  Thank you for your patients.