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Our Lice Treatment

There are several kinds of lice treatments available.  The most effective way is to manually remove all lice and nits using proper brushing technique and a quality nit comb. Nit Control technicians are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and removal products necessary to completely remove lice and nits without the use of toxic pesticides.  Book an appointment

Other Lice Treatments and Various Home Remedies:

-  Rid and Nix
-  Mayonnaise 
-  Cetaphil
-  Blow Dryer/ Curling iron
-  Cutting Hair
-  Alcohol/ Gasoline

Rid and Nix-  

Rid and Nix are head lice treatment shampoos.  They are the most used form of head lice treatment.  They are fairly effective at killing mature lice but are very ineffective at killing lice eggs. Often times live bugs and eggs are left behind which can require several extra treatments to complete get rid of lice. The lice comb included in the kit is of low quality and difficult to use in long or thick hair.  Lice are gaining a resistance to the toxic chemicals in these products which is also decreasing effectiveness.  We would not recommend this treatment method. 

Mayonnaise Treatment- 

Using mayonnaise to kill lice is a suffocation method of lice treatment.  The idea is to completely soak the head in mayonnaise in hopes of suffocating the lice and nits.  This method has worked in some mild cases but  lice infestations tend to consist of many nits and it is extremely difficult to insure that every nit is saturated and suffocated.  Using mayonnaise can often lead to long infestation times and multiple treatments.  Mayonnaise does not remove nits.  After treatment the dead nits will still be attached to the hair.  This treatment is very similar to the olive oil treatment but less messy.  If you can not afford any lice treatment this may be your only option besides shaving your head.  Apply generous amount of mayonnaise to hair and leave in for 8 hours.  Repeat every 3 days for at least 9 days or until lice infestation is gone.  

Blow Drier/ Curling Iron-  

Using a blow drier or curling iron can kill some head lice.  The heat of a dryer or curling iron will kill lice and eggs on contact. However, most of the infestation tends to be within ½ in of the scalp which can’t effectively be reached with a blow drier or curling iron. This method will leave many surviving lice and eggs.  This method can also result in skin burns. We do not recommend using a blow drier or curling iron to remove lice.

Cetaphil -  

Saturating the head with Cetaphil lotion and blow drying the hair is another suffocation method.  Although more successful than mayonnaise, it is much more time consuming due to the dry time.  1-2 bottles of Cetaphil need to be blow-dried to the hair and left for 8 hours. This method can leave surviving eggs to continue the infestation. Because this lice removal process is not 100% effective, treatment should be repeated a few times over a 2 week period.  Dead lice eggs will remain attached to the hair.  

Cutting Hair-  

Cutting the hair can be an effective way to remove head lice but only if the hair is cut shorter than ½”.   Please note, cutting hair from shoulder length to 3” will have no effect on lice.  We do not recommend you cut the hair unless you plan to go less than ½” in length because most lice and eggs live within 1" of the scalp. 

Alcohol/ Gasoline-

Alcohol and Gasoline should NOT be used in any form of lice removal.  Alcohol and Gasoline are not safe for topical use and are not safe to breathe.  Do not use alcohol or gasoline to treat lice.  

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