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Nit Removal

Nit Removal is often considered the most difficult aspect of lice removal. Nit removal requires the labor of manually removing lice eggs from the hair.  Lice eggs are firmly secured to the hair with a glue-like substance which is non-water soluble.  Nit glue is very strong and requires the pressure of nit comb or finger nail to remove.  Lice lay eggs over the entire scalp and usually within 1/2" of the skin.  Finding every nit is very important and equally difficult. 

Head lice treatments like Rid and Nix do not remove nits.  After any lice treatment it is essential to remove the eggs because untreated lice eggs will hatch and continue to breed.  Those long infestations are almost always a result of not removing all the viable nits.  Combing out head lice can be a laborious process.  A lice comb is a tool and requires practice.   Take your time and be prepared to spend a few hours per person for nit removal. 

What is a viable nit?

A viable nit is a egg that has a nymph inside.  Viable nits are brown in color and pop when pressed between your fingernails.  They are about 1mm in length and are securely attached to the hair.  

What is a non-viable nit?

A non-viable nit is an egg without a nymph inside.  Non-viable nits are called "nit castings"  When a nymph hatches from the nit, the nit casting remains on the hair.  Once hatched, the nit will turn white and flatten out.  Nit Casting are more difficult than nits to remove from the hair.  Even the most high quality nit combs can pass over flatten nit castings.  There is much debate about children returning to school with nit castings.  

If I see nits does that mean I have lice?

Most likely yes.  If there are nits in the hair that is evidence that a louse was there.  An adult louse will lay 5+ eggs a day.  Once nits are found there is usually an adult louse close by.  If viable nits are found in the hair, the person should be treated as soon as possible.  

Can you catch nits?

No.  Nits are attached to the hair and do not spread.  Nits are incubating eggs.  They require the warmth of the head to catch.  If a nit falls off the head it will quickly die.  

The best way to remove nits is to manually brush them off of the hair.  Hand-picking nits is far to labor intensive and catching adult lice is very difficult.  They blend in with the hair and move quickly on the hair.  Nit removal is best done with a lice comb.

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