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How do you get rid of lice?

If you've notice you or your child itching for no apparent reason, it may be head lice.  Head lice is common among children and it is possible that you may have it.  Head lice are small wingless insects that live and lay eggs in your hair.  They are very small (about the size of a sesame seed) and their eggs are even smaller.  If you have noticed itching it is probably a good idea to have your heads checked.  The sooner you begin treating lice, the better.

Before you decide on a treatment method to get rid of lice, you want to be sure that you have it first.  Most of the time it can be found during a quick visual check.  Simply part the hair is a few placed and observe the hair near the scalp.  Are you seeing any small brown or white eggs stuck to your hair shaft? If yes, you should treat yourself for head lice.  

The easiest and most simply way to get rid of lice is to call a Nit Control professional lice removal technician.  They are trained experts in lice removal and offer full-service in-home lice removal at the lowest prices around.  Head lice can be a difficult and time consuming experience. If you would rather "leave this one to professionals" call Nit Control today.  If you are willing to put in the hard work and some possible trial and error we recommend you attempt to treat yourself.  

Getting rid of head lice can be attempted in a variety of ways.  Rid and Nix are popular options.  So are mayonnaise and olive oil treatments.  The problem is that they are not very effective.  Rid and Nix products have been gaing a reputation as unsuccessful because the lice have grown a resistance to the pesticides in them. The hair treatment does not kill lice eggs or remove.

Mayonnaise treatments for lice are not know to be extremely successful either.  Treatments do kill many bugs and some nits but rarely do they kill all of them.  Lice lay many eggs and are known for being tenacious and difficult to completely get rid of.  Sometimes mayonnaise and olive oil treatments need to be left of multiple time for 8+ hours at a time.  This form of treatment can be messy and also take a long time.

To efficiently get rid of head lice all the lice and nits need to be combed out.  If you are not familiar with how to use a lice comb it is recommended that you spend hours on each person.  The hair needs to be wet combed continuously to remove all the eggs.  The comb also needs to be run along the scalp to pick up the lice and nymph.  This process should be repeated for a second time 3-6 days later.  Also this process is very labor intensive, it has a much higher success rate, if done properly,  than any other treatment. 

To completely get rid of lice is essential to practice prevention.  Inform those who you or your child has been in close contact with.  It usually takes over a week to notice a lice infestation so it is important for you and your friends to continue checking for 2 weeks.

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